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The trial allows you to:

  • ■ Upload and transcode videos for online and mobile playback
  • ■ Manage your video and audio assets through an intuitive user interface
  • ■ Add meta tags and metadata, as well as create channels and playlists
  • ■ Syndicate videos to YouTube and iTunes
  • ■ Whitelist or blacklist video views
  • ■ Monetize videos with pre-, mid-, and post-roll ads
  • ■ Integrate your existing systems using full-featured APIs
  • ■ Use the free HTML Player Builder to create exciting website experiences

The Limelight Video Platform is the fastest, easiest way to manage and distribute your online videos to any device, anywhere in the world. A complete end-to-end video publishing solution, the Limelight Video Platform makes it simple to manage, publish, syndicate, measure, and monetize video. Plus, it’s the only online video platform that is fully integrated with a global content delivery network, giving you the fast, direct connections you need to deliver high quality viewing experiences.

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