Overcoming E-tail Challenges

to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences


While online retailing was once just about duplicating the in-store experience, it is now about so much more. Retailers are now expected to deliver fast, personalized shopping experiences featuring rich media and video on any device wherever and whenever the customer chooses. These changes have introduced a host of challenges for retailers, but they also offer significant opportunities to improve customer conversion and retention.

Limelight Networks has extensive experience working with top retail brands to help them overcome these challenges and deliver the highest Quality of Experience to their customers.


Technology Challenge Business Impact The Limelight Solution
Scale & Availability Your infrastructure needs to scale on demand to support traffic surges and seasonal spikes so you can serve your customers anywhere at any time. Spikes in demand can create slowdowns and outages that impact customer experience, lead to lost revenue, and negatively impact brand loyalty and customer retention. Limelight Networks operates one of the world’s largest, fastest Content Delivery Networks (CDN). Our dedicated Network Operations Center ensures you have capacity to provide your customers with the best quality of experience 24/7/365.
Performance Web pages are increasing in size and complexity due to more objects and content types. In addition, the diversity of connected devices continues to grow, increasing the number of delivery formats that must be supported. The result is longer page load times. Customers are increasingly impatient with slow loading web sites. Slow page load times lead to higher bounce rates, with many customers never returning to your site. A slow web site can have a huge impact on an e-tailer’s profitability. Limelight’s CDN uses highly efficient technology to accelerate both dynamic and static content through edge caching, middle-mile acceleration, and globally distributed cloud storage. Overall latency is reduced, improving your site’s business and operational performance.
Omnichannel Delivering content to desktops, mobile browsers, and dedicated mobile applications adds complexity to your infrastructure. Each device supports different capabilities, requiring you to develop and deliver multiple versions of your content. Customers increasingly expect a high-quality experience on any device. If your site is not available on a particular device or the capabilities and performance is not consistent across different platforms, customers may abandon your site and not return. Device identification with configurable actions based on results lets you customize content by device and accelerate site performance on mobile phones, tablets, PCs—virtually any type of device.
Security Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can take your site offline or cause severe performance degradation. In addition, malicious hackers could potentially put customer data at risk. Downtime and slowdowns from DDoS attacks cause lost revenue. Hacking and other security breaches can expose customer data and negatively impact your brand reputation and customer retention. The large size and distributed nature of the Limelight CDN provides scalable defensive protection. DDoS attack protection and Web Application Firewall (WAF) capabilities secure your site and applications. SSL encryption protects all sensitive transaction data.
Video and Rich Media Delivering video files to different device types requires media files to be converted into multiple different formats and bit rates. Managing these multiple files and serving them to the appropriate device adds significant complexity to your workflow. Customers have higher engagement with sites that offer video and other rich media. If your site does not offer video to all customer devices, it can lead to a less engaging user experience, lower conversion rates, and decreased revenue. Device detection at the network edge and identification of incoming requests allow automatic conversion of video content into the appropriate format. The Limelight video player can auto-detect browser, OS, device, and connection speed to provide optimal playback. Caching of video on the Limelight CDN provides superior delivery to customers.

A Toolkit For Your E-tail Experience

The Limelight Orchestrate Platform helps you deliver compelling e-tail experiences. Leveraging the proven, global Limelight CDN, Orchestrate ensures the reliability, consistency, and performance your customers demand while providing the security and availability you need to maximize revenue.


  How Does Limelight Orchestrate Help Online Retail?
Content Delivery Services
  • Massively provisioned delivery centers interconnected via a private fiber-optic network allow you to place your content closer to your users, ensuring better e-tail experiences by reducing latency
  • Delivery of any kind of digital content—video, images, text, files—to virtually any device, anywhere in the world
  • Accelerate content delivery between the client and the CDN edge through a variety of techniques including TCP optimizations, compression, and persistent connections—resulting in an improved user experience
Web Acceleration Services
  • Orchestrate’s integrated solution accelerates dynamic content and optimizes the first, middle, and last mile to overcome network congestion and latency
  • Highly efficient edge-caching technology supports the latest protocols like HTTP/2 to improve webpage loading speed
  • Device identification with configurable actions based on results lets you customize content by device
  • Modify site presentation for mobile, resize images, compress content, and control headers and cookies
Cloud Security Services
  • The large size and distributed nature of the Limelight CDN inherently protect your infrastructure against most attacks before they ever reach your servers
  • Globally distributed DDoS attack protection against malicious traffic flooding
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) expands the protections to web applications by detecting and blocking attacks at the network edge in real-time
  • By leveraging one of the largest SSL-enabled networks, Limelight Cloud Security Services protect intellectual property from theft at global scale
Cloud Storage Services
  • Purpose-built cloud storage integrated within the Orchestrate Platform for rapid digital content delivery
  • Deliver any asset in your content library lightning-fast. Content is automatically accessed from the site closest to your customer
  • Automatic replication policies streamline the management and replication of your key content
  • Scales on-demand as your needs change
Video Delivery Services
  • Integrated directly with the Limelight CDN, enabling you to get your video to virtually any device, anywhere in the world, at high quality
  • Adaptive bit rate player auto-detects the browser/OS/device, Internet connection speed, and adjusts the playback accordingly
  • Video management system with built-in conversion engine
  • Transmux MP4 video content into popular HTTP formats including HLS, HDS, MSS, and MPEG-DASH
Advanced Services
  • Specialized Limelight experts tune and optimize solutions to fit your unique requirements
  • Access to 24/7/365 global support ensures rapid issue resolution and no service interruptions
  • Switchover from your existing infrastructure with minimum impact during the transition

Outstanding, Personalized Service

It’s not just our software that separates us from other providers; it’s also our commitment to your success. Through a 24/7/365 network operations center, self-provisioning services, an account management portal, and a global support system, your uptime is always a priority.

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