Limelight Content Delivery Services


Limelight Content Delivery Services ensure higher performing, cost-effective content delivery of any kind of digital content—video, images, files, music, games, websites—to virtually any device, anywhere in the world. These services leverage the power of Limelight's CDN Platform to ensure your content is optimally delivered with the lowest latency, best reliability, and highest origin offload.

Challenges Delivering Digital Content

Consumers are continually looking for the next great digital experience. However, delivering today’s wide range of digital content to global audiences creates multiple challenges. Expectations for a fast experience continue to grow. Web pages must load quickly, videos must start immediately and play without interruption or rebuffering, and files must download fast. Delivering with speed is complicated by the growing diversity of devices and formats that need to be supported and the networks they are connected to. Providing a great digital experience to a globally dispersed audience while managing unpredictable traffic spikes creates workflow challenges that are becoming increasingly difficult to solve.

Content Delivery Services Help You Solve These Challenges

Content Delivery Services ensure your content is optimally delivered with the lowest latency, best reliability, and highest origin offload. These services are part of the Limelight Platform, which integrates a massive global private infrastructure, advanced content delivery capabilities, and support services. By positioning website content in edge caches, leveraging last mile acceleration, customizing requests and responses, and ensuring appropriate access, Content Delivery Services ensure content can be quickly delivered to users. Connected device detection makes it easy to deliver content in the correct format to all users. By continually monitoring a user’s connection and optimizing how content is delivered based upon realtime analysis, Content Delivery Services provide a superior Quality of Experience, even over mobile networks or other changing network conditions. Your users experience fast load times, speedy downloads, and video streaming without rebuffering, so you can deliver the next great digital experience.


HTTP Streaming

Share VOD and live video content over HTTP with advanced caching and delivery options that provide a high QoE while reducing load on origin servers.

Low-Latency Streaming

Deliver your HLS and DASH streams for major live sporting events with the same 3-7 second latency as traditional broadcast for optimum multi-screen viewing experiences.

Website Caching

Caching all website content, including small and large objects to reduce cost and improve delivery performance.

ARC Light Computed Edge Policies

ARC Light enables Content Delivery Services to bring compute to the edge. User request and origin responses are modified in realtime to increase speed to content and offload complex business logic from your application infrastructure.
Gain instant scale for common application functions, close to your users.


Realtime purge with instant global content invalidation, deletion and purge verification, including purging by content tag and dry run capabilities.

IP Protocols

IPv4 and IPv6 Internet protocols supported.

Managed DNS Services

Granular control over the traffic shape, failover origins, and multi-CDN routing workflows.

HTTP Protocol Support

HTTP 1.1 and HTTP/2 supported.

Last Mile Acceleration

Accelerating content delivery between the client and the CDN edge through a variety of techniques including TCP optimizations, compression, and persistent connections.

Backup Origin Support

Content Delivery Services provide an advanced set of features to manage origin selection, connectivity and failover during content delivery.

Dedicated VIPs

A set of dedicated IP addresses for delivery of “zero-rated” traffic into carriers.

Rate Limiting

Content with high abandon rates, such as video and social media, can be rate limited, capping the data transfer rate allocated to each delivery.

HTTP Header Manipulation

Customizing HTTP Request and Response headers to control content caching and improve analytics.

Business Benefits

Increase Audience Engagement

With industry-leading cache efficiency, storage integrated with the global infrastructure, and PoPs located throughout the world, the Limelight Orchestrate Platform consistently delivers the best overall performance to keep your audience engaged

Optimize Multi-Screen Viewing

By matching broadcast latency, fans watching the broadcast and those viewing online see all the action at the same time, optimizing multi-screen viewing experiences.

Extended Scale and Reach

Expand your reach by delivering your digital content anywhere in the world, to virtually any device, no matter how large your audience or how high the demand.

Integrated Platform to Meet All Your Content Delivery Challenges

Limelight Content Delivery Services are part of the Limelight Edge Services Platform which provides a global infrastructure with a fully-integrated suite of capabilities and services to help you address all your content delivery needs. As your needs change and grow, you can easily add new capabilities without impacting your existing operations or needing to engage additional vendors.