Showroomprivé is a leading European online retailer specializing in fashion. Its e-commerce site showroomprive.com offers a daily selection of nearly 2,000 designer products via its mobile apps and website. The company has more than 28 million members in France and in nine other European countries.


Showroomprivé was in search of a new Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider that was lower cost and a better fit for its rapidly growing business. The solution needed to be highly scalable and deliver high-quality online experiences throughout Europe.


With flash sales and major traffic spikes during key shopping seasons, Showroomprivé is always balancing the challenge of delivering fast online experiences and the ability to scale to meet demand. And they absolutely can’t afford any downtime since that means lost sales and customer loyalty. For maximum redundancy, they chose Limelight’s CDN as part of a multi-CDN strategy.

“My top priority is to make sure shoppers can make purchases whenever and wherever they want and that they always have an excellent experience. Over the eight years I’ve worked with Limelight, they’ve always provided great customer service, have supported our expansion into new countries and been able to handle major spikes in traffic during peak sales times.”

FRÉDÉRIC DELALÉ, Chief information Officer

Top Limelight features that help Showroomprivé’s business include:


SmartPurge makes it easy to quickly change out their entire catalogs of 2,000-4,000 products each week in seconds, saving them considerable time and resources.


During peak shopping periods such as Black Friday, traffic surges three times the average volume. Limelight helps Showroomprivé easily scale to meet this demand and delivers the same high performance regardless of traffic levels.


Showroomprivé expanded into nine countries in just seven years. Limelight’s CDN makes it easy for them to expand into new countries and provide the best quality experiences.


Most customers are knowledgeable of the products and brands on Showroomprive.com and want to quickly make purchases. Having fast performance via Limelight’s CDN is vital for customer conversion.