Limelight Partners Up with Tencent Cloud to Provide Seamless Content Delivery


Limelight strives to give customers the broadest possible global reach and the highest quality content delivery performance. This is especially important in China, where the country is experiencing digital adoption at an accelerating pace. There’s a unique opportunity for global businesses to access the Chinese market and for Chinese businesses to have access to global consumers.


This month we announced a major reseller agreement with Tencent Cloud, part of one of the largest companies in Asia, to help meet the growing demand for content delivery in China. Tencent is growing business operations outside of Asia, and its offerings include content delivery services to Chinese enterprises seeking overseas expansion.


We can now offer our customers CDN services in China through Tencent Cloud. Tencent Cloud will offer CDN services from Limelight to their customers in North America and other global markets. This gives our customers another choice for delivery and brings new expertise and capabilities to businesses in China and around the world.


You can read about the new partnership here. We’re excited about our collaboration with Tencent and expect the relationship to grow favorably for both organizations in the coming years. And we believe our partnership will benefit customers by accelerating the adoption of existing and new ways to deliver digital content with confidence.